You might have come across the phrase “capsule wardrobe” and begin to think what this means and why more and more people are starting to have their own capsule wardrobe. Capsule wardrobe is basically defined as shopping more reasonably and having fewer or lesser clothes but using them all because they are all your favourites, they conform to your style and lifestyle and they flatter your body shape.

There are numerous advantages to having a capsule wardrobe such as:

Stress free dressing up in the morning

When you love every clothes that you have in your closet, you would not be stressed getting ready in the morning since whatever clothes you take from your closet (even with your eyes closed), you’d instantly love and wear them. When you purge your closet or start making your own capsule wardrobe, make it a rule of thumb to only keep the clothes that go well with one another.

In this way you could mix and match them effortlessly. If none of your clothes are worth keeping, shop at trustworthy stores like Scanlan & Theordore’s fashion designs and slowly build your capsule wardrobe. Having a capsule wardrobe does not mean that you would not be buying clothes anymore. It’s just that you are shopping less because you are going for quality, instead of quantity. Besides, once you get used to mixing and matching your clothes, no one could tell that you are only rotating few excellent pieces.

More money to spend on other things

We often tend to obsess over new clothes because we often think we don’t have anything to wear even if our closet is bulging with clothes. Why? Because we don’t really like half or more than half of our clothes. Some we bought because it was on sale or that it was trendy even if it really doesn’t suit us. So even if we still have some items that we have not yet worn, we tend to think that we need to buy more.

But with a capsule wardrobe, we would not have this mentality since all of our clothes are working for us and we end up having more money to spend on other things. We would also feel less guilty every time we buy new clothes because we know that we are paying not just for a new set of clothes but rather, an investment that we could wear for a long time on several different occasions.

You’d always receive compliments

Since all the clothes in your wardrobe are tailor suited to your style and size, you would not have any incidents of trial and error. One day you are getting complimented about your clothes and the next day not so much. Of course, you would not be dressing up to fish for compliments, rather, dress for yourself.

Once you have decided to try and build a capsule wardrobe, you’d soon see and realize why every woman seems to make the wise decision to streamline their closet and limit it only to outfits that go well with everything.


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