Companies exist today not because of the investment its owners have put into it but because of the productivity of its employees. In order for you to move forward in your business, it is vital not only have regular meetings with your employees and managers but also appreciate them.

Regardless of the amount or the cost of the high tech machinery that make up a company, the overall success depends solely on how the employees contribute. Although new machinery can be considered motivation to be more productive, it is important for a company to understand that their human resources are in fact the most important factor.

And so, when it comes to making sure that your company is able to compete effectively against your competitors, keeping your employees motivated, satisfied and happy with their jobs is incredibly important. Whether it is through awards such as gifts which they can use at their work or something they can enjoy with the ones they love or through recognition on an awards day, making sure that your employees know that they are appreciated is important.

Here are a few reasons why happy and motivated employees are an asset to the business.

Higher Loyalty

Regardless of how you choose to show appreciation, happy employees have a much stronger code of loyalty to their organization, you can be sure that these employees give their hundred and ten percent at all times, do their duties to the best of their ability and have the company’s best interests at heart. This loyalty however is not built up by giving the employees gifts or other souvenirs at the end of every corporate year or based on their performance.

Making sure that the gifts are personal like Carlton blues AFL tickets, for instance, will be something that an employee will enjoy. This comes from treating your employees with respect, making sure that they are happy and motivate and have everything that they need to perform their job effectively and making sure that all their grievances are met.

Teamwork and Healthy Competition

Contended and motivated employees are not only willing to maintain a healthy competition with their peers but they are also aware that working as a team benefits the company more. And for the sake of the company, they are willing to put their differences aside and make sure that the company goals and objectives are met on time with minimum errors.

Retention of Quality Employees

Not only will your company be able to retain their most hard working employees but they will also be able to save up a large amount from the cost of labor. For instance, if a company treats their employees’ right and makes sure that they are a contended workforce, there is a good chance that the employees will fight harder for the company and will not want to leave. They will be more than willing to invest their best in the company.

Therefore, motivation and appreciation play a big role in the effectiveness and success of a company.

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