The garage is one of the most frequently used rooms in any car-owning home, but it gets the least amount of thought when it comes to redecorating or remodelling. Redoing your garage can offer many benefits, such as more aesthetic appeal and perhaps even more space to store your things. Here are several ideas to think over if you are considering remodelling your garage:

Increase Available Storage Space

In most households, the garage doubles as a storage room and a tool shed. So you won’t go wrong by improving the existing storage space available in the garage. Install shelves, cabinets, and similar structures that can neatly hold all the stuff you put there.

Think outside the box when it comes to storage. You can utilize free space available on the walls and near the ceiling to install shelves. Don’t forget to get a pin board to organize and hang tools or anything similar.

Install a New and Improved Garage Door

The garage door serves multiple purposes. First, it secures your vehicles and your house. Also, the garage door offers some aesthetic appeal to the house as anyone coming to the garden can see it. Therefore, replacing the old door with something new and fancy would improve the overall looks of your home, make it more secure, and also increase the value of your property.

There are different types of garage doors you can choose from. However, consider getting local roller shutters Perth which are available motorized. This type of garage door has tamper-free locks, and also protects the inside of the garage against the elements. The local varieties are designed to withstand the harsher aspects of the Aussie climate.

Improve Lighting

Garages tend to be gloomy. It doesn’t have to be. As garages tend to be places for DIY work, it’s definitely worth the expense to light it up with more fixtures. Get ceiling lights that can illuminate every corner of the room. If you get solar bulbs, you can enjoy bright lights even during daytime without running up the electricity bills. Long fluorescent lights are also favoured among those who work or hang out in the garage. Bare bulbs are also great, especially if you want more aesthetic appeal.

Add Entertainment Value

Unless your garage is especially tiny, find some extra space to add fun things like a pool table or a dart board. Convert a part of the garage to a family hangout place that everyone can enjoy. Alternatively, you can try a small wine cellar or a tasting place, a mini home theatre, or even a home office. Playrooms or gyms are also solid ideas to try.

Don’t Forget Interior Décor

Just because it’s the garage, it doesn’t mean you have to completely forgo interior design. Keep in mind though that décor from other rooms like the living room isn’t necessarily suited for the garage. But there are new things you can try, such as wall art. Bare bricks or bold wall paint is also great.

Think over the above suggestions and decide on how you would like to remodel your garage. You can add anything you like, but keep security and storage in mind when redesigning the garage.

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