Be Sure to Sit Up Straight! It places additional strain on your spinal column when you slouch. This places pressure on the joints, tendons, and ligaments that are necessary for maintaining the proper position of your backbone. However, poor posture affects more than just your back in a negative way. Maintaining a slouched position causes internal organs to grind against one another, which makes it more difficult for your kidneys and bowels to do their jobs. This will, in time, make it difficult for you to digest food and will also make it difficult for you to receive enough oxygen when you breathe.

Sit up:  One of the Best Ways to Avoid Alignment Problems? Take a commanding stance. You’ll feel great and look better — leaner, even. For the purpose of determining your height, imagine that you are standing against a wall. Maintain an upright posture and tuck your chin in toward your chest. Your ears have to be positioned such that they are above the midpoint of your shoulders. Keep your shoulders back, your knees straight, and your tummy tucked in when you stand. You shouldn’t expose your buttocks or hips in any way. You should sit or stand up straight so that it seems like the top of your head is reaching towards the clouds. If you’re experiencing back pains, make sure that you contact Orthopaedic surgery Melbourne

It is tempting to slump at your desk; you may even recline and swivel a little bit. However, you should avoid doing this. But it’s a postural no-no. Instead, you may try this: Place yourself completely back in the chair. To preserve the natural bend of your spine, tuck a lumbar pillow or a small towel into the small of your back and place it behind your middle back. Keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle and make sure they are at the same level as, or slightly higher than, your hips. Put both of your feet down on the floor in a flat position.

Beware of Getting ‘Text Neck’. Are you always on your smartphone? Please allow yourself a moment to extend your neck. When you check your messages while hunching over, you put a significant amount of pressure on your spine. That may mount up over the length of a day — or over the length of a year. Raise the phone to your ear and move just your eyes to get a better look rather than your whole head.

When you’re behind the wheel, avoid slouching. Reclining one’s seat on a short trip is a great way to stay cool and comfortable. However, this is not good for your posture in the long run. Instead, think about sitting in a more upright position. Make every effort to avoid locking your legs. You should bend your knees ever-so-slightly. They should fall somewhere about the hip area, or slightly above it. Remember to give yourself some support by placing a cushion or a rolled-up towel behind you.


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