Whether you are a small or large business looking to enhance your customer service or are just an individual who made an online purchase and are waiting for it to be delivered, customs plays an important role. It is an integral component in the port of any country, and their regulations need to be adhered to. As such, the clearance process can be extensive as they are very thorough, which as a business can be inconvenient due to delays and prolonged checks. However, there are a few things you can do to change this.

Detailed Declaration

It helps to arrange for a comprehensive, yet detailed declaration of the content. The origin of the goods and their nature is essential. Customs officers look into a lot of factors, and if you have been as co-operative as possible, life will be easy for everyone. They will be able to clear your goods efficiently, ensuring you can in turn provide efficient delivery to your customers. If not, they would either need to check the entire shipment, or contact you for further clarifications, or both, depending on the situation. Which means more time expended of course.

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Import Declaration

If you are shipping for business purposes, then you have a bigger responsibility to check whether the receiver has to deal with import declarations. This might also include import registrations, which might be complicated for them to do on their own. So what do you do? Well, there are professional services for this sort of thing now, like Customs Brokers Brisbane for instance. You can consult them and explain your requirements, drafting a plan that fits your needs.

Know the Laws

It depends on which countries you plan on shipping to, but if it is more than one, you need to study the laws of each country you export to. This is mandatory and absolutely non-negotiable. If you have a shipping department, ensure they take this very seriously. This includes staying updated on regular changes, as can happen with political situations. If any changes directly affect you, always enlist a lawyer to help you navigate your way. You will be battling governments if you go head-to-head, which is totally not advisable.

Additional Documents

Some goods or countries may require additional documentation as support, so if that is the case you also need to be educated about what they are. It is also your responsibility to provide these documents with all completed information. You might also want to include a few copies of the consignment note in English, especially if you are shipping internationally. Remember that under no circumstances will your shipment be allowed into the respective country until you satisfy their requirements. This is actually important even if you are shipping for the first time, and for personal reasons, since you will be on a different level to a business. The bottom line is that customs is not to be taken lightly, so be super careful.

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