Especially in fields such as the hospitality industry customer service is very important. Therefore you should make sure that you hire the right staff who will be able to deliver efficient customer service.

The Hiring Process

During the interview process one of the questions you should ask every interviewee is to list down their strengths and weaknesses. This is important as then you will be able to gain an understanding of which areas they need improving in.

Training Period

It would be best to train your employees in all areas of the trade before you place them in a specific department. This way the employee will not be clueless as they would know the basics of every department and by training employees in different departments you will be able to examine in which department they thrive the most. After the training period, an employee should gain at least the basic knowledge that is needed to work in the hospitality trade. For example employees should know what basic terms such as commercial hotel bedding mean. An employee should be able to gain an understanding of how each department works and they should be trained into doing basic tasks such as making a bed. However they should also be aware of the reputation of the reputation the hotel holds as then they will gain an understanding of what is expected of them.

Handle Customers

It is important that an employee understand how to handle customers especially when they are rude. Fighting with a customer should be something that is avoided at all costs however it is important that employees are taught that they should not be pushed around by a customer either. There maybe times where they will have to put their foot down however they should be guided on how to do this. It is important that they explain to the customer why the customer’s request or wants cannot be met and this should be done using a very professional tone. At all times whether a customer is rude or not, employees should be taught to be professional.

Neat and Tidy

A lot can be said about a hotel by looking at the staff therefore it is important that the staff is always dressed well. It is the job of the hotel to provide their customers with uniforms however it is up to the individual to make sure they are neat and tidy. When designing the uniforms, the designer should make sure the uniforms are comfortable as only when they staff feel comfortable will they be able to work well. The colour of the uniform is also important because as guest have to look at the staff all day long it is best that a soothing colour is selected.

Taking Breaks

No employee should be expected to work without a break therefore especially during a long shift it is important that the individual takes breaks. Without a break it can be very easy for employees to get burnt out and this could result in them not being able to carry out their tasks effectively.

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