For first time parents, buying the items for your baby is overwhelming. You will find yourself browsing on the internet for the best baby shopping list, ask for advice from your friends who already have a baby or survey magazines that talks about baby care. However, when it comes to shopping for the necessities of babies, parents should be keen on their choices. Not all that you see on the shopping list is what you should buy.

In this article, the must-have baby items that you need to buy are listed as well as those items that are not required but optional to purchase.

Must-Have Baby Items

In this category, the listed items are what you should not forget because it is essential in ensuring that your baby is taken care of properly. If you will have a baby soon or already have but has incomplete baby items, this is your to-do list. So, what should you buy?

For Feeding

The items you need in feeding your baby are bibs, burp cloths, nipple cream, breast pump, infant formula and baby bottles with nipples. These are essential items you should not miss because everything will always be used. Nipple cream will be used to moisturize the mother’s nipples, which can get dry and sore from breastfeeding. However, if you will not breastfeed your baby, the alternative option is the infant formula which you will feed to your baby using the baby bottles with nipples.

For Diapering

The items you have to stock at home are diapers, baby powders, diaper wipes, petroleum jelly, and a diaper bin. Most of the parents today use disposable diapers, while others still prefer washable cloths. In cleaning your baby’s bottom, you no longer have to struggle with cotton wool balls soaked in water because you can opt for baby or diaper wipes that is hypoallergenic. Petroleum jelly is used to soothe your baby’s tender skin against diaper rash.

For Sleeping

Your baby would need a crib, a crib mattress, bedding, and padding, as well as mosquito net. A comfortable crib with not so soft mattress would give babies a sound sleep.

For Bathing

To ensure that your baby is always clean and smell fresh, what you need to buy is a baby bathtub, hooded terrycloth baby towels, and hypoallergenic shampoo and wash. These are the only baby bath essentials that you must have because babies do not require a regular bath in the first few months. With baby bathtub, you rest assured that your wriggling baby is safe and you’re free from back aches for holding your child. Since your baby gets cold quickly, the best wrap after bathing is the terrycloth towel. It keeps them soft and warm. And when it comes to wash and shampoo, it’s not necessary that it is fragrant make sure that the product you will use to your baby is hypoallergenic because babies have sensitive skin.

Items That Are Optional To Buy

One of the items that you don’t need to buy are changing tables, a wipe warmer, a diaper stacker, a baby-size bathrobe etc. These are optional items that you can buy but are not needed that much. These are some of the baby items you should prepare and keep to ensure your baby is well cared for.

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