Do you have a website for your company? It could be your own business or any other company that you work for. Whatever it is, having a website is always a good thing. Sometimes you may have seen people who have their personal websites. So that it is not a new thing for any small or large entity to have a website.

If someone asks you the purpose of this, what would be your answer? Basically, we maintain a website with the aim of marketing our product or service. It may comprise of product details, different types of offers available for customers etc. The ultimate objective of all these activities, is to satisfy your end consumer, keeping in mind that the customer is the king. Having a website by paying a monthly or annual subscription alone would not be helpful. Because, it doesn’t guarantee that there will be a lot people who log in and view what you have published. For instance, if one of your customers type the name of your company on Google and if he doesn’t see your website being appeared at a glance, there’s a high probability that you may lose that customer. Hence, you have to make sure and do things in order to bring it to the first page of Google.

Whatever said and done, this is not an easy thing to do. Getting it to the first requires a lot of things. First, the search engine will look at the content of your website. For example, if you run an educational institute, then it may include the information about the courses you conduct, prices, scholarship and various other things. If the search engine finds it as a very informative website, then it will top the list automatically.

One of the most effective things you can do to achieve this is, adding fresh content. Google’s policy is that they favour websites which have brand new stuff such as new articles, videos, latest types of graphic and also good quality photos. It will help you to retain the users for a long span of time. The reason is, when they get attracted, they will hardy leave.

Google + button is another trick to hold a top rank in the list. Because, Google have stated that any website which doesn’t indicate that button will easily slip the higher rankings. This is a strategy used by Google, to encourage the owners of websites.

What do you think? If your one is still not visible at a glance, you are behind the game. Therefore, it is your baby to change it in the best possible way and you can be proud when you see it topping the list.


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