With the variety of make up brands and choice available in the market, surely you can’t stop yourself from buying them. Is it really hard to resist them or you really are addicted to them?

Most probably, the first place you visit whenever you go to the mall is the make up store where you spend not just minutes but hours in there trying to figure out which among them is the best. Happiness for you is buying the make up you want and trying it out for a night out or simply when going to work. Is it stillĀ  normal to do such thing or you are already a make up adding without you knowing it? Here are some signs that might reveal if you are a make up addict or not.

1. You Can’t Go Out Without Make Up

For you, it is a mortal sin to go out of the house without your make up. You always should have your make up on or else, you will just stay in your house the whole day. Going out without a makeup in your face is probably a nightmare to you and besides, what will you do with the make up that you use if you won’t use it? You might also prepare ahead of time before going out just to put on your make up.

2. A Professionally Done Make Up Is Your Happiness

If your dream of being an intentionally known model might not happen, you can still have the runway-worthy look that models project whenever they walk on the runway. How? Hiring a Makeup artist is the key. Well, you might have the tendency to hire a professional make up artist whenever there are an occasion or even when you will just meet with an old friend or someone special. Girl, you are addicted to making up at that, I am telling you. But it doesn’t end with having a professional make up artist for your make up. Chances are, you keep on asking them questions while they are doing your make up. You might be asking them techniques and brands that they can recommend to you.

3. You Prefer to Buy Makeup over Food

For you, food will satisfy your stomach but makeup will satisfy your soul. Nothing will make you feel more satisfied and happy than being able to buy that makeup that you want and apply it to your face. You earnestly want to achieve the flawless and stunning look and can even sacrifice your food allowance just to buy makeup. You might evenĀ  browse the net to look for beauty shops like browmantra.com.au/ where you can invest on having your brows done by a professional brow tattoo artist.

4. You Follow More Make Up Pages than People

It is not because you do not have friends or your family doesn’t have a social media account. It is simply because you would rather see makeup aspiration than seeing what they post in there. You follow beauty blogging pages where you can learn more make up techniques or pages which suggests latest make up additions.

There is nothing wrong with make up addiction as long as you are fulfilling your responsibilities

There is nothing wrong with it if that is what makes you feel happy and confident. Make up addiction is way better than getting addicted to drugs or alcohol, so go get what you want. Are you doing the things mentioned above? If you do, most probably you are a make up addict.

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