Our technology today allows retailers to advertise and reach out to customers even from across the globe through ecommerce. As much as a functional website design is important in gaining more traffic and sales through your ecommerce shop, a quality shop signage also improves performance of your physical store. Aside from grabbing people’s attention towards your store, a well-designed signage can also provide all the essential details commonly asked by consumers. It also adds to the beauty of your shop, making it more appealing to customers.

Essential Qualities of Good Shop Signages

No matter what kind of business you are in, these common qualities are proven to make a signage more effective.

  • Specify Details

Signages can be used to provide helpful information to prospective customers. Be sure to include specific details such as product information or location to make it easier for customers to navigate around your shop.

  • Simplicity is the Key

When designing a store signage, keep it simple. Highlight the main message of your sign and lessen distractions so your customers won’t be over-stimulated by our sign. If you can grasp the main message your sign conveys within 5 seconds then it has an effective design. If not, consider redesigning it into simpler one.

  • Highlight the Headline

The headline text is the main theme of your sign. Write short and simple headlines and add more details below it.

  • Add a Call to Action

Aside from the headline you must also add a call to action to compel future customers into buying your products or services. The main goal of your sign is to advertise.

Team up with Melbourne signage companies that offer quality and well-designed shop signs. Here are the most common signages that are proven to be effective on any business type.

Outdoor Signage

This type is placed directly in front of your shop. It is one of the most effective signage since they capture a customer’s attention right at your shop’s doorstep. You can even make them stylish and creative to draw more attention. Outdoor signages can be an entrance sign, a sidewalk sign, or even on the window. Just remember that this type should be placed where it is more visible to passers-by. 

Persuasive Signage

This type advertises a specific line of products through attractive or convincing imagery. Common uses of this are sale tags, discount signs, new arrivals and anything that features certain items. Persuasive signs should be used subtly to be more effective.

Informational Signage

This type usually provides information on directions, organizations, or any way that makes navigating easier for customers. Having informational signages around your shop makes it more organized, helping customers find what products or services they’re looking for.


Aside from keeping your shop clean, mats can also be used to decorate your store. You can add symbols such as the company logo or be more adventurous by placing statement mats. It can even be used as labels on certain parts of the store.

Investing on quality signage solutions for your shop is essential in boosting your store’s sales performance.

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