Australia is a country that has so much to offer be it food, sports or anything else. If you are travelling to Australia this summer vacation, there are some things you can’t miss out on so you can be privy to the complete Australian experience. Out of the many unique things that Australia has given the world, there are some delicious snacks that can be bought in almost any place in the land that are just too scrumptious to be missed. Here are some quick and easy Aussie eats that you really need to try this holiday.

Salt and Peppered Calamari

Salt and pepper calamari is not something that you need to travel to Australia to enjoy today because it is served almost in every country around the globe. But, if you are in Australia do not forget to indulge in a crunchy and delightful platter of these at a quaint and comfy restaurant in delacombe. You will best enjoy this alongside some beer and it will be served with a choice of salad and some sweet chili sauce for dipping. The squid or the calamari is cut into rings and then coated in a thick salt and peppered batter which is then deep fried. It is yummy and soul food at its very best.

John Dory Fillets with Chips

John Dory fillets are one of those feel-good food items that you really need to try at least once in your life. It is, an Australian fish that can be found very commonly in the areas near the Sydney Harbour. It is quite popular with the locals and is something that anyone will enjoy. The fish fillets are battered and then fried and are served alongside a generous portion of chips. It can also be served as a pan-frieddish in a delicious herby oil which is then accompanied with salad and some creamy mashed potato. The fish is very meaty and almost all Australians will swear by this hearty meal.

Iced Vovo Biscuits

In 2007, then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd mentioned Iced VoVo biscuits in his election speech and became the person who fortified the importance of this biscuit in Australia’s culture. The biscuit is made out of wheat flour and has a strip of pink fondant icing bordering the raspberry jam. The whole thing is then dusted over with coconut. The texture is sweet, soft and melts in your mouth. The biscuit company in Arnott’s which is a food institution itself in Australia are the makers of this sweet and delicious biscuit enjoyed by Australians and tourists alike.

The Splendid Dagwood Dog

The one of a kind Dagwood Dog is something that is almost synonymous with carnivals and street food in Australia. The dish is essentially a juicy and tender frankfurter that is mounted on a stick and drenched in batter, then deep fried until it is just oozing crunchy goodness. It is best enjoyed with a good dollop of tomato sauce on the top.

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