Those pest control businesses that only use word of mouth lose potential clients. If this is your case, it is time to step up the entire marketing game. The problem is that most pest control firm owners do not really know much about what should be done. You want to use the best possible methods but what are these methods? Fortunately, numerous things have been proven to work. Those mentioned below are recommended by pest control Perth service providers that were successful in the past.


One of the best possible ways to get new business is to partner up with other businesses that are at the same level as you. Keep in mind that networking does not actually mean you have to stop people and talk to them about the business you run. The idea is to have conversations with the potential customers and with businesses that you can barter with. You never know when such a conversation will turn into business.

The truth is that most people do not need pest control services right now. However, if they do know you and already trust you, if a problem appears, you are the first person contacted. This is the power of networking.

Make Sure The Business Has An Online Presence

Unfortunately, most pest control service providers are not present online. This is really bad in the modern business setting because most people today actually use the internet when they need to hire someone for pest control or similar services. If you want to grow the pest control business, the website is mandatory. Also, you need to know how the online presence has to be managed.

The website will offer the potential customers a really fast way to contact you and will establish credibility. So many website platforms are available right now and can be used. Most of them are either really cheap or completely free. It is not at all difficult to have a website that is effective.

When you cannot build a site, at least be sure a Google Business listing is set up. Also, whenever possible, do consider social media use.

Manage Online Reviews

There is a pretty good possibility there are online reviews written about your pest control business, even if you are not aware of them. At the same time, simply because you have an online presence does not mean you will be considered. This is where online reviews step in and promote the business in a way that is hard to get in the real world.

The positive online reviews are those that help the business stand out. Always try to get online reviews from the customers that were really happy with the services offered. A simple email follow-up after the job is done will often net you that feedback that you need for better authority and reputation.

Manage Existing Customers

The last thing you need to always remember is that you want to take advantage of the customers you already have. Ask them if they want to subscribe to your newsletter and make it really easy for them to recommend your services to their friends and family members. Repeat business and referrals help much more in pest control business growth than what you initially think.

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