The plumbing system is an important part of every home. Keeping it in good condition is essential because it directs the proper flow of clean water and waste water into where they are supposed to go. Plumbing issues often go unnoticed because they are not as visible compared to other features of the house that’s why it is important to inspect it from time to time to avoid big problems and costly repairs.

Backflow problem is one of the common issues every homeowner faces. While it might sound inconvenient, solving this issue is pretty easy. But first, a backflow problem must be properly diagnosed to find the right way to deal with it. Here are the tell-tale signs if your plumbing system has a backflow issue.

Bad Odour

It is normal for a bathroom to have a few smells. However, when the odour is just too strong or sulphurous, this can be an indication of a backflow problem. This strong odour serves as a signal that there something wrong deep down in the pipes that need immediate action. It could be that something’s blocking the proper flow in your pipes, incorrect pressure, and many other possible reasons. If you own a business establishment, checking for backflow issues can be a challenge. Hire a commercial backflow plumbing service to properly diagnose and solve the problem effectively.

Unusual Water Flow

This sign can be easily noticed. For example, the water in your sink or drain is not draining as fast or properly as it was before. Another one is when water is pushed into other parts when you’re using a sink or a drain. There are some cases when the water in the toilet rises as you drain water on other parts of your home. Either way, as long as the flow of water isn’t the same as before, this is an obvious sign of a backflow problem.

Discoloured Water

Another obvious sign of a backflow problem is a change in colour of the water coming from the faucet. Normally, tap water is clear and colourless but when you’re experiencing backflow problems, it can turn into yellow, pink or even brown. This sign is sometimes accompanied by a bad smell or bad taste. Avoid using this water because it is contaminated and poses health risks. Contact a professional plumbing service immediately when you notice this sign.

Pools of Water

Pools of water forming on certain spots in your lawn are signs of a more serious backflow problem. This occurs when the backflow problem mainly involves the pipes of your plumbing system. This rarely occurs but when it happens, be sure to deal with it immediately to avoid bigger problems and more expensive repairs. An experienced plumber can easily diagnose and fix this problem so be sure to call one when you notice this sign.

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Proper care and maintenance is the key to keep the plumbing system at its best. However, there are times when these problems can’t be avoided. Staying ahead of things and dealing with plumbing issues is the best way to lessen the damage it does to your home and save on repair costs.

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