Your clients fuel your company by investing countless dollars into it. If they want to see where their money’s worth is going, you need to make sure that you have the workspace that will wow them by creating that perfect first impression. At the end of the day, they should want to keep doing business with you. Here are a few tips you can use to properly welcome and impress your guests with your workspace.

The Reception

The reception holds the most important people in the office when it comes to landing that first impression. Think of it this way- how much do you critique a work entrance as soon as you walk through those doors? How long does it take for the receptionist to notice you and how accommodated does she make you feel? She might be busy on a call, but at the very least she should make friendly eye contact and gesture that she will be able to see to your needs soon. Make sure to instruct your receptionists on such basic etiquette, which includes no staring constantly down at mobile phones when a guest is around and waiting.


Your clients will have a bird’s beady eye on your workspace so you have to make sure everything is impeccable. Start with the reception, are there any stains on the carpet? Call a cleaner. Any cracks in the wall? Get a paint job done. Is the desk starting to peel and look outdated? Look up reception desks Melbourne. These are services and checks that need to conducted routinely so you aren’t caught off-guard when a client decides to scope the area out or has to come by for a meeting. This doesn’t stop at the reception, carry out for inspection for every room in your workspace, including the washrooms.

The Employees

Usually, you should be able to give a warning to your employees that clients will be attending a meeting the next day so they will show up looking crisp and professional, visually representing the company to the best of their ability. Give your employees a basic training for moments like this, which includes telling them that even if it is not their job, they are to be considerate to such guests. If any pass by, make friendly eye contact and smile. If any seem unattended or lost, go up to them and ask how you may help them. It’s small efforts like this from your working staff that will make all the difference between a horrible experience or a welcome one.

The Boardroom

The boardroom should first and foremost be designed to value the clients’ comfort. There needs to be enough space between the chairs as well as to walk around. You need to have air con installed so that it doesn’t get stuffy. Regularly cleaning will have to be performed so that there’s no musty smell and you’ll also have to make sure there’s enough light in the room. To combat any glare, you’ll have to purchase blinds for your windows.  Does your boardroom fit the bill so far?

Look at your space objectively. To save yourself the trouble have it cleaned regularly and make sure to remind your employees to look and be professional and friendly when dealing with clients.

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