Co-working spaces are an up and coming trend for businesses. The experience as a whole offers so many opportunities so if you decide to set up base in a space like this, go prepared to reap the benefits. After all, there’s a reason why this environment is becoming a fast favorite! Here are some of our top tips on how to make the most of your time there!

Be Forward

If there was ever a time to take initiative and lead conversations, now would be it. A major perk of having a shared office space Brisbane is the networking it offers. You never know how your next conversation will end- it might just land you a new collaboration or client for all you know! It’s a great idea to take your breaks with people from different fields to get a better understanding of how your industries may intersect, if at all, but of course it also helps to discuss ideas with co-workers in the same industry so you can have a well-rounded conversation about any pressing issues or ideas you may have.

The Community

You might not be the type to go out there and make conversation on the daily so here’s something that might come in useful- community events. At community events like workshops, guest talks etc. you stand a chance to get you and your business out there in the public eye and meet fellow co-workers. Any co-working space will host special networking events that will help form a community so the most important step is to participate. But you have to remember your end goal- ultimately, the amount of people you talk to isn’t as important as the number of meaningful encounters you have. You do not have to attend every single event but what suits your needs most.

Talk Smart

In a co-working space, not everyone would be looking to hear your selling point. Remember, not every moment should be taken as an opportunity or you’ll soon be seen as an annoyance and someone to avoid. Be strategic about when you push your conversation from small talk to corporate opportunities. And make it a point to ask your colleague if they’re up for a discussion before jumping into a long conversation that they can’t weasel out of because they’re too nice to say no.

The Community Manager

If your co-working space has a community manager, this is definitely a precious commodity to make use of. Any issues, feedback, questions or ideas you may have can all be shared with the community manager, that of which has invaluable knowledge about the people working in the building, so they might be able provide insightful solutions that save a lot of time. This will help you collaborate with co-workers that best fit your ideals.

A co-working space is meant to boost your productivity and creativity. This is a work environment that is designed to differ from the norm so make sure you embrace the unique opportunities that come with it!

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