Solar energy is being marketed to the public as a way to save money on electric bills. But there are other advantages and benefits as well, especially when it comes to being a clean source of energy. We all have heard how renewable solar energy is good for the environment. But how does it really positively impact the environment?

Less dependence on non-renewable energy sources

One of the most obvious reason we should convert to solar energy is to that we would be less dependent on non-renewable energy sources or points of supply that would soon run out such as fossil fuels. If we don’t begin to consider using renewable energy sources, we would soon finish the available sources that we have.

Not only that, these sources are actually creating more pollutants the more we use them. The sooner we convert to using renewable energy source, the better for our environment and the endangered species of floras and faunas that are about to be extinct. To lessen our fuel consumption, we could install renewable energy microgrids similar to Granny Smith gold mine’s microgrid.

Fight climate change

Using fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources contribute to the dump of pollutants and CO2 into the air that contributes to climate change. This is what using renewable source of energy is trying to combat. When we stop relying on energy sources with higher emission of CO2, our environment will have a hard time cleaning the air and the Earth will trap and retain heat from the sun.

When the air condition changes, this affects the climates all over the world. Soon there will be flooding in the deserts because the icebergs in the Arctic have already melted. We should start listening to climatologists and scientists that one of the ways we could fight climate change is to change to renewable source of energy, the sun.

Less water usage

Water is a major resource and it is also being used to power fossil fuels. Water is kept on dams as hydropower and when the water is stored in dams, it’s affecting the local ecosystem. There’s already been water scarcity in some parts of the world and if we continue to use it as hydropower, water scarcity would be worse.

Less air pollution

Since we are not burning any fossil fuels anymore when we convert to solar energy, air pollution is reduced. Smog and dirty air are bad for the environment and also bad for our health. When we use solar panels to harness the clean and renewable energy that the sun is releasing, the air becomes less polluted.

Now that the benefits are clear, it would be easier for us to actually make this change because the environmental advantages are more apparent. If the idea of saving the environment seems too big of an idea for you to comprehend or to make the choice to convert to renewable solar energy, just think about how using renewable energy source would be beneficial to our health.


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