Flexibility is considered one of the most important forms of employee motivation. Having schedules that can change to accommodate life ensures people giving their full efforts to their jobs since they can choose to work when they are productive. While flexibility is difficult to achieve in certain industries, there are certain fields where it has proven to be more effective.

The IT side or any computer or online-based business that operates remotely is more likely to be able to have a flexible working schedule. However, in general employee flexibility brings up motivation and even job enjoyment, thus resulting in better results and work ethic. There here are some ways in which employee flexibility is important in the work place.

People operate differently

Not everyone is the same and therefore it is important to understand that people are productive at different times. If it a job that can be done from anywhere or within a certain time frame the ability to be flexible should be allowed.

This way people will be able to work better depending on when their personal performance is highest. The flexibility also allows employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance and attend to personal matters as well. When they are allowed to have the best of both worlds, it is known to increase productivity, as they are happier and more comfortable in their jobs.

Time zones are different

With the changes in our working styles, working remote has become exceedingly common. There are loads of people working for off shore companies or even in the same country but in different time zones. In these instances, flexibility is needed.

It also helps to work at co-working spaces that provide an office like environment for individuals to work in. There is also hot desk office space, where a co-working space offers you a seat at any time even though you have not used it before. It is ideal for when meetings are held, as it provides a place to sit even if you are not always there.


There are certain jobs where the workload changes regularly. While there are days that go by in a breeze there are the weeks you haven’t had time to get up from your seat. Flexibility gives employees to do other things in their free time whether it is to attend to other office matters or things in their personal lives. This convenience factor will allow employees to give their full effort when there is work but also know there is time for outside matters when their free.

Time to work on other projects

People nowadays work to achieving multiple sources of income, as it is almost impossible to survive on one stream of survival. Although most companies frown upon employees working for multiple jobs it is a common way to earn extra money. Hence why in such instances flexibility can help employees prioritize their jobs and lives to make sure they can strike a healthy balance.


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