Becoming a mother is one of the best feelings ever. But remember, it’s a big responsibility. It isn’t easy especially if you’re a first-time mother. You will feel quite overwhelmed at first but definitely you will get the hang of it later on. If you’re having your baby shower, you may list the items that you like at the gift registry. Here are some of the gift ideas you can consider.

Food Basket

Food of any kind will be highly appreciated as a first-time mother. Ask a food basket that can either be a fruit or snack basket. Whatever you choose, it will make your tastebuds happy for sure. Food deliveries are a great idea, too.

Baby Items

As a first-time mother, you will need to invest on baby items like a baby monitor, crib mattress, bath and grooming essentials, baby clothing like onesies, pyjamas and booties, and stroller to name a few. Bugaboo bee is one of the leading brands when it comes to strollers. Their products are available in 50 countries, so make sure to check out if it’s available in your place.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are great for first-time mothers. It can be a shopping gift certificate, grocery shopping certificate, salon and spa certificate, etc. Gift certificates can help you save.

Nursing Tops

Are you going to breastfeed your baby? Ask a set of nursing tops. They make breastfeeding a lot easier especially when you’re in public place. In fact, you can wear any loose top that you like, but a nursing top is more advisable.


A photoshoot with your family should be on your top list specifically if you’re a first-time mother. Think of a theme that you like and allow your photographer to do the magic. You may ask for a digital photo frame, too. It’s one of the best ways to display every moment of your baby’s life.

Yoga Class

Do you want to get back in shape and keep a healthy lifestyle? Do yoga after your pregnancy. There are yoga classes wherein you can take your little one, too. They will teach you to do a simple massage on your baby.

Organic Skincare Products

Your skin will undergo a lot of changes before and after pregnancy. Stretch marks are common, so ask for organic skincare products that can help lessen their visibility. Face serum is nice, too, as you’re prone to dry skin.

Cleaning Service

As a first-time mother, your time will be mostly spent on your baby, that you won’t even have time for yourself anymore. Ask a cleaning company to clean your house or do a weekly or monthly service.

Music Subscription

Ask someone to give you a music subscription that is commercial-free. It’s a simple gift idea, but it is helpful not only for you, but for your baby as well. Play classical music that can help with your baby’s brain development.

The gift ideas you can list at the gift registry are a lot. You just need to choose wisely.

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