If your home business has been moving along quite well and you want to move into a place where not only can you expand the production of your products or your service; but you can also use to move into a new stage of your business.

There are a number of things that you will need to take into serious consideration keeping your budget in mind when making this decision.

Having decided on this, you will soon find that there are a number of decisions that you will need to make on your part.

Furnished or Not?

This is inclusive of how much you are willing to spend of your office whether it is offices fully furnished in the area or a simple empty office space, how many square feet you are looking to rent out or use to make sure that you and your staff can work comfortably. You will also need to look at the factor of space when and if you require machinery to be brought in later to increase production.

Added Facilities

You will also need to look into and decide on the added facilities that you can incorporate into the office like a meeting room. Although you may not need to use it very often, you can look at offering your meeting rooms for rent for other companies; thereby adding to the income you are making.


You will also need to consider the location. If you require an office area, you will want to make it convenient for your clients, customers as well as to your staff. However, if you are planning on renting out an office space for your production, you can decide on a place that is convenient for the staff but doesn’t have to be as convenient for your suppliers or wholesale buyers. You will also need to make sure that there is enough space to extend your company premises should you need to. For this you will need to make sure to hire a demolition company like Peacedale demolition company Melbourne  and most probably an architect.

Surrounding Environment

Having said that you will also have to decide on whether it is a space that is safe and if it is a healthy environment for your staff to work in. They will be spending more time in the office than you would and so, you will have to make sure that the area is well ventilated, has proper lighting and is spacious enough to accommodate the entire crown of staff that you have or may want to hire in the long run.

Having taken these areas into consideration, you will now want to make sure that you look into the cost factor this simply means that you will have to decide whether you are able to finance this rent internally or whether you will need to look at outside sources of financing this office space.

Making note of all the decisions in all these areas will help you to make sure you rent out the right space.

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