When the Pyramids of Giza were built, I doubt they had software tools to help them with designing and planning the structures. The planning process would have been quite slow, and this is probably why it took ages to compete most of the historical feats.

But thanks to the rapid improvement in technology, civil engineers are able to speed up this process and ensure the best construction quality for structures nowadays.

There are plenty of software available in the market today that help engineers analyse, design and build projects in 3D. This saves time and also makes the job a tad bit easier. I say a tad bit because these types of software are quite complex and require special training and certifications.

The software userinterfaces however have evolved to be more user friendly and are much better when compared to time when they were first introduced.

Below are a few of the best software in the market for civil engineers.

AutoCAD – For Drafting

Most of us have heard about AutoCAD regardless of whether we are engineers or not. This is easily the most popular application for structuralengineers. AutoCAD is made by Autodesk and it is basically used to produce designs in 2D and 3D, modelling workflows, create drafts, help in architectural drawing and so much more.

Using AutoCAD engineers can check on project performance, make quick changes, and handle all incoming and outgoing data about the project.

AutoCAD is a universal application and is used all around the world. Engineers from London to Gladstone engineers use this software daily to accomplish complex tasks.

STAAD Pro – For Analysing and Designing

While AutoCAD can be used for Analysing and Designing, its make feature is drafting. STAAD Pro on the other hand is mainly used for design and analysis. This tool was built by Research Engineers and then later purchase by Bentley Systems (a computer aided design software firm from Pennsylvania). Just like AutoCAD, STAAD Pro is also used by millions of structural engineers to design complex tasks.

One of the best features of STAAD Pro is that it integrates with other software from Bentley Systems like the Open STAAD solution. You can basically import the project to Open STAAD from STAAD Pro and then transfer them to other 3rd party tools.

SAFE – For Analysing and Designing

This is mostly used by civil engineers when it comes to foundations and concrete floors. However, it is a complete tool and cover all aspects of the design process. You can analyse, design and model.

Navisworks – For 3D environments

All the above tools support 3D drawings but Navisworks is a project review tool more than design software. This is another product of Autodesk and it basically allows users to combine, review and share 3D design from multiple file formats.

These are just a few of the various software solutions available for civil engineers. However, the reason that they’ve made this list is because they are quite popular and is being used all around the world. The ideal solution for you can change according to the type of work and needs so therefore contact a software solution company specializing in computer aided drawing and communicate your needs before making a choice.


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