You have adopted a new dog and now you are trying to train it so that they will not disobey and do what they want. Having a dog in your household will be so much fun and will bring so much joy and lifelong memories. However, dogs are a lot of work that requires your time and effort. One such thing is training your dog and it is important to get this right at the start itself. Following are some basic tips you can follow to train your dog when they are first brought to your house.


The first thing you need to look into is to get your dog to understand their name. If you are looking for pet training solutions for a senior dog, contact an expert. Any expert would say that if a dog already had a name, it would be best to keep the same name so that the dog will not get confused.

However, this does not mean you cannot change their name, especially if the dog was brought from an abusive home, it would be best to change their name and provide them comfort and assurance that they have a new loving home. All in all, you need to make sure that you pick a strong name that you and your dog is comfortable with as the first step in training your dog.

Say No

Another important aspect that you should look into when you are training your dog is to say no when they do something they are not supposed to do. This is a way you can teach them house rules and manners. By saying no to a certain behaviour, your dog will understand that the behaviour is not tolerated and should not be continued. After all, dogs are some of the most intelligent animals you can find, and they will be smart enough to pick commands when you continuously reinforce it.


Just like saying no, it is important to reward good behaviour. This is the way your dog will be able to understand what good behaviour is and what is not. When you teach your dog something and they do it right, make sure that you reward them by giving them a treat, belly rubs or cuddles.

By using lots of praise, changing the tone of your voice and making your dog feel like they have done a good job, you will be able to make sure that they are well trained and follow the rules.

There are plenty of things you can do to train your dog. Training a dog when as soon as you adopt them will support in avoiding adverse behavioural issues later on in their life. Even though it is not an easy task sometimes, it can be done with ease if you put in some time and effort. The above is some of the basic things you can follow to start off with in order to ensure that they are well trained.

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