Becoming a host for any event is no easy feat, most especially if you are a rookie. But, if you will be doing it often, you will be good at it, in no time. If you will be hosting your first ever event, it can be overwhelming, because there are many things you have to accomplish before the big day. So, before you jump right into logistics, it is important to determine your event’s purpose. To help you get rolling, here is the list of event essentials to factor in for your next event.


Before you plan your first ever event, make sure that your client has money. Ask him or her how much his or her budget is. He or she needs to prepare extra money for unexpected expenses, too.


Two heads are always better than one. To pull off a successful event, you need to work with people who have experience in hosting events, especially if it is a big event. Assign tasks that you think they can do without a hitch. The same thing applies with the vendors. Get in touch with them for all your event needs –food and beverage, giveaways, photography and videography, transport, venue, etc. Perform follow-ups to ensure that everything will go well.

Portable Toilets

If you need extra toilets for your event, consider portable toilets. If you are fairly new to it, find out what are the best hire options for portable toilets so that you only get what is best for your guests.


Acquire all the necessary equipment for your event. Typically, you will need speakers – unless it is a viewing event.


There is an array of venues to choose from for your first ever event. It can be in a beach, museum, or theme park – it all depends on your client’s budget and preference. The event’s theme as well as number of participants have to be taken into consideration, too. And if it is accessible by both private and public vehicle. Once you have chosen the venue, check if it has rest rooms and parking spaces.

Extension Cord

It is always nice to bring your own extension cord for your events. There are instances that venues will charge you for the use of extra extension cord.

Food and Beverages

The food and beverages are the spotlight of any event. For this reason, give some thought to your menu. Before meeting up with any food vendors, read reviews online or ask family or friends for referrals about the best food catering service you can hire for your first ever event. Attend the food tasting so you will know which food and beverage items to include in your menu.

Mini Tool Box

Issues can arise anytime. So, bring a mini tool box with hammers, pliers, and screwdrivers. It can help you make a quick fix, without a doubt.  Do not forget to include some batteries in your mini tool box, too.

Make your first ever event successful with the help of these event essentials.


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