No modern woman can survive without their leggings. That being said, there are also a few specific types of leggings that you would definitely have in your wardrobe – one piece each, at least! Of all the types you can find in almost every woman’s clothing store, here are the top types that every woman would need the most.

Classic Black Leggings

Classic black leggings are almost synonymous to leggings for everyday wear, and is a staple in a chic wardrobe. This is just perfect when you need to keep it casual, and you are just too lazy to bother to look through your wardrobe. With a classic black pair, you can simply opt for a white button-down shirt or jumper along with some super comfy flats.

Show off your ankle bone for an absolutely flattering look! Even though your classic black pair is not meant for exercise, you would still want to make sure they are a good quality pair so they remain good as new as you continue to over-use them a lot!

The Brunch-Type

If there is one thing any woman is thankful about, it would be for the fact that they do not have to bother themselves shopping for the right casual trousers anymore, like they used to before! The brunch type leggings aren’t just ideal, but super comfy, casual, and easy to find! Find them in a range of prints or stripes that make them simply perfect to wearat a weekend brunch or coffee stop amidst a hectic weekday morning. One could never look any less stylish in one of these despite a slightly laid-back look.

Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are the go-to when you want to have convenience, comfort, luxe and sleek – all at the same time! This is what any woman’s next choice would be after jeans. Opt for a shirt and blazer for an official look, a soft knit top and trainers for a casual weekend look, or high heels and a silky blouse to make it the perfect evening outfit. Leather leggings often require a little more care than the other types, but if done right, they should last a life time.

Active wear

The performance type is especially designed for rigorous physical activity to enhance performance and support muscle and movement. Ideally, you will look for one that is snug and fits just right – not too tight, nor too saggy, and also make sure they are made of breathable fabric with sweat wicking properties. Most women see pockets as an essential feature in their performance leggings for storing car and house keys, and their little valuables.

Thermal Leggings

Colder days call for snug thermal wear, which is why leggings are a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. They can be worn underneath formal trousers to help survive chills during commutes, or slip into them instead of regular tights to stay warm and cosy at home. The best thermal leggings are made from thick plush fabrics, often in more than one layers.


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