For someone who has never moved homes before, this task of packing up and shifting homes can seem scary and stressful. Not to worry! Here are 5 tips that will ensure this episode goes by smoothly and stress free…!

Be Very Sure About The House You’re Moving Into

Moving homes becomes tougher than necessary experience when you move out of a home you love, and into a house you grow to hate. To avoid this from happening, do your best to ensure that the house you’ve chosen to move into is suitable for you and your family. ensure it has plenty of space for all your belongings, and that it’s in a safe neighborhood. For a stress-free move, make sure your new home has a well functioning security system before you move into the house.

De-Clutter And Sort Through All Your Belongings To Reduce The Things To Pack

Packing up all your belongings is not fun; especially when there’s so much to pack. To reduce the amount of things you’ll have to pack, consider de-cluttering your belongings so that you only take the absolute necessary things to your new home. Your clothes, kids’ toys and books especially will need to be sorted through. Use the popular “Marie Kondo” method to do so; so you will be left with nothing but the things that give you joy.

Hire A Reliable Moving Service

To be honest, one of the best advice we could give for first time home movers is to hire a reliable and reputed removalist service. Yes, it’s cheaper to do the moving yourself, but it’s also more stressful and time consuming. Try to select a mover who not only provides the service of moving, but also the packing and unpacking services. This way, you’ll have less to do and less to stress about. Opt for affordable, fast removalists servicing Rowville for best results.

Be Very Careful About How You Pack Your Belongings

The last thing you want to discover once you move into your new home is half your delicate belongings damaged due to improper packing, or that you simply don’t know where to start unpacking due to all the boxes you have to unpack. The simplest solution for these issues is to be very careful when packing the delicate items, taking the time to wrap them up in bubble wrap if necessary.

It’s also vital that you clearly mark each box once you’ve sealed it up. Mark the “up side” and “delicate” on boxes that need to be handled with extra care. It’s also a great idea to mark where each box needs to be placed in (kitchen, living room etc.), as well as have a list of things included in that box written on the side of it. This will make finding things much easier.

Have A Plan Of Unpacking If You’re Not Using A Professional Service

If you want to be completely stress-free, we strongly suggest once again that you use a removalist service that does the unpacking service for you as well. If this is not an option for you, make yourself a “plan of action” for when you’d need to unpack. For example, office items (or things you’ll need to get ready for work) and kitchenware obviously need to be unpacked first, while the entertainment unit can be kept for a later time to reassemble.

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